The Great Sun-Dunes--Desert Safari-Camel Riding --Jeep Safari

BIKANER- If ever beauty has bloomed in a desert, it has been at Bikaner. Founded in 1488 AD by Rao Bika Ji, it's located in north west part of Rajasthan state in INDIA.The imposing palaces, beautiful and richly sculptured temples of red and yellow sand stones display some of the finest creations of Rajput civilization.The THAR is a world of its own, an unrelieved ocean of sand, dotted with dunes and seraphic shrubs, with its own distinctive wildlife. Here among the sun and the sand you will meet some of the most colorful and courageous people on earth.The Camel Safari in Desert city offers an opportunity to the tourists to enjoy the life in the shimmering glory of the desert sand.

A camel safari allows the tourists to explore the life and majesty of Rajasthan and enthrall the desert scape.Camel Safaris are organized by the Hotel Bhairon Vilas. Camel riding with us is a unique & fun experience. It is an opportunity to get to know your Camel, its habits, its personality, robustness, patience and strength. The best way to know the country side is to take a camel ride. As the camel moves with a leisurely pace, one gets a great view by sitting on the high back of a Camel. In today’s world of hectic schedules, one gets a real break by going on a Camel Safari.